Features Sunny cities

Features Sunny Cities

The main features of Hibiscus Sunny Cities® are:

  • Buds stability
  • Fine continuation of flowering
  • Very good branching
  • Good non perishable
  • Rich flowering

The culture of Sunny Cities® is very growers’ friendly.


The Hibiscus is a plant with a big need of moisture so you need to use a soil with a high water capacity. Take care that the soil structure is not lost when giving big amounts of water and that there remains enough air content. Heating can stand a minor drop of temperature. Pot temperature should be nearly the same as the air temperature. Hibiscus can stand lots of light and likes direct sunlight. Shading will only be necessary for clima-technical reasons. Nutrition demands a punctual measuring of EC during watering and several spore elements have to be added extra. Without grow regulation the Hibiscus will be too long and weak. Good growing regulation in the appropriate quantities gives a good growing product with equal internodes.

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